About RICOH Tours

Our team has been hard at work responding to requests from the virtual marketing community. We found that our customers in real estate wanted a simpler way to create virtual tours. So RICOH Tours is a purpose-built solution that covers the entire virtual tour process from creation to delivery.

About Ricoh Innovations

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Ricoh Innovations Corporation (RIC), a subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd., brings together world-class user experience, technology and business professionals to deliver easy to use, technology differentiated solutions to the market. Internal innovation is complemented by Open Innovation projects with a broad range of leading universities and forward-thinking companies around the world.

RIC was founded in 1997 by renowned researcher and visionary Dr. Peter E. Hart. RIC is a Ricoh Group company committed to the principles described in the Ricoh Way and the Ricoh Group Code of Conduct.

To learn more about Ricoh Innovations Corporation, visit ric.ricoh.com.

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For general inquiries, email info@ricohtours.com.

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