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Virtual Real Estate Tours Have Become Essential as COVID Suspends Open Houses

With concerns remaining about COVID-19 and in the interest of clients, agents, employees, and communities real estate agents across the country are hastening to find alternatives to Open Houses. Open houses have long been an effective tool for sellers. Hosting an open house helps them see how much general interest exists in their local real estate market. As well, homes that have open houses tend…

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New features of RICOH360 Tours

Here are some new features of RICOH360 Tours. 2D image cropping function All you need is a RICOH THETA to take photos. 2D images can be cropped from 360° images taken by RICOH THETA, as if it were taken with a normal camera. You can automatically crop the most attractive parts of your photos using AI technology. You can also crop any part of the image. There's no need to take pictures with another…

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Now is The Time – Virtual Property Listing

Gary Keller was right when he said "Make no mistake, we’re in a shift". Each one of us does our own part to keep our community safe while stepping up with the resiliency in our business. With the rapidly shifting situation and growing concerns about COVID-19, an evolving trend has been reported by Inman and Curbed about how real estate professionals and businesses are stepping up their games when…

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Win Every Listing! Yes, it’s Possible. Here’s How!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to win every listing. It isn’t hard if you’re prepared. Put the effort in up front in your listing presentation and reap the benefits in the end. Your listing presentation will most likely consist of the standard input: Your name and experience, recent sales, perhaps some testimonials from happy past customers, information on the current housing market and trends, and…

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The Secret Weapon to a Great Listing Presentation

Win the listing! That’s the first step for any real estate agent who builds a successful business. While a listing presentation can simply be a conversation with a homeowner, the best prepared and highest performing agents include the latest marketing tools to demonstrate their expertise, build confidence and win the listing. With a listing, you are essentially creating an image of you and your…

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Technology in Real Estate

Technological advancements are increasing at an unprecedented level in every aspect of life. We’re seeing a dramatic effect on productivity, better decision-making through data, and greater efficiencies. But, until the last couple of years, we haven’t seen a huge impact from technology on the real estate market. But that’s changing. Both the buyer and seller, and the agents who work with them, are…

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